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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Family Pics 2011

Tasha Price  took our family pics this year back in September, I thought I'd just share some of them.  I personally think she did an outstanding job!  I hung these pictures in our family room, I wanted them colorful because our family room is also fun and colorful.  Needless to say they look awesome on the wall in all of my vintage redone frames.  I don't know why but family pictures always stop me in my tracks and make me realize how big my little dears are getting.  Lucy looks so mature and beautiful, Noah looks so handsome and cool and Jane, well, throwing her shoes off and pulling out her headband while Tasha was snapping pics is totally Jane.  It was a wonderful photo session and I'm completely pleased with the outcome!


Sherry said...

I really enjoyed looking at your lovely family pics. Thanks for sharing them :-)

Brookie said...

you are BeAuTiFuL...and so is your family:) your pictures are LOvely!!

anne rightler said...

My favorite ice cream is chocolate mint. Nice job on the decorating, it is fun when things turn out how we envision them. Thanks for sharing.

anne rightler said...

Forgot to say who I like to sew for: my grandkids usually quilts (I made one of your patterns for my latest granddaughter and it turned out great--tried to send you a pix but don't know if it made it to you or not). Keep on designing!