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Monday, January 16, 2012

Bananafana Headquarters: The Family Room

Finally, a room complete!  I've been working on decorating our house for the past year and wanted to share the pics of the first room I finished.  This is our family room.  We spend lots of time here watching movies, playing games, working on homework, and countless other activities.  I wanted it to be cheery and fun yet elegant.  So I chose colorful accents, a modern style couch, vintage tables that I painted and antiqued myself, vintage style wallpaper (that I hung myself, A LOT of work), I also filled it with beautiful pictures of the ones I love so so much!  I bought the fireplace mantle at an antique store, it's solid wood, very heavy!  I painted it and distressed and antiqued it myself (well with my hubby's help). The frames are mostly thrift finds or from our wedding, so that ended up being a pretty thrifty portion of the room, I just painted some of them for pops of color on the walls.  A lot of the decor accents I re purposed from things I already had and just painted and distressed them.  I had been collecting "G" letters for the last 3 years not sure when I would use them so I decided to make them in to a feature wall painting some of them metallic to add a touch of glam.  I just wish I could find a lower case Times New Roman "g", yeah just like the one I just typed, but no luck yet, I think it would really complete that wall though.  The pillows and curtains were all made by myself allowing for the customized tailored look.  The bench was actually a coffee table I found at a thrift store but I decided to re purpose it to make it a bench by painting it and making a cushion and pillows for it.  Over all I was going for an eclectic look and I think I achieved that all while making it a very inspiring room to be in!  It was fun to decorate it, but it's even more fun to make memories in it and enjoy time with my sweet little family!  More rooms to come at Bananafana Headquarters, so keep an eye out, you know they'll be inspiring and exciting!


Kathryn said...

You are inspiring! Your family pics are adorable. What a sweet family! Happy New Year!
-Cousin Kathy

Whitney said...

Looks great Jess, way to go! Hope all is well! Love ya cuz!

Brookie said...

it looks beautiful!! i can't wait to come visit you!!:)