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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bananafana Headquarters

I FINALLY started decorating our home this past summer after being here coming up on a year in December (note to self:  I've moved the past two Decembers, don't move in December ever again! You take what you can get I guess :0).  I'm getting close to having the first floor of our adorable home all decorated!  It's turned out really super fabulous and I'll post pictures here in the next few weeks once I finish up the decorating.  Just to give you an idea of the style I'm decorating with I've posted a picture of the oustide.  I designed the home myself inside and out and my charming VERY patient husband built it for us!  So, wait until you see the inside, I'm very anxious to show pictures of the very eclectic/vintage/shabby chic/mod  decor!  We are the only house on our street and it's so fun to watch people drive by, you can always spot the ones who've never seen it before they drive pretty slow (I think the turquoise is a bit of shock for them ;0).  Then, we've also had several people take pictures, not sure why.....  Enjoy!


Brookie said...

lovely:) now i just need to come visit you!! i love ya my pretty friend:) xoxo

Bananafana said...

Yes you do! You know I'll cook you amazing food! We have a guest room.....