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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Alaska August 2011

After this picture Noah says to Lucy "Hold my hand so you wont be scared."  And lucy said "Okay Noah, I love you."  You should have seen their excitement on the plane.  They both loved it when the plane took off and landed, you would've thought they were on a ride at Disneyland "Wooo, yay, wow, this is so fun!!!"  Love my kids!!! 

It took a 3 hour drive to Bozeman, a night's stay, then 2 plane rides and 2 ferry rides to get to the island.  The kids held up so well!!!
A cute little native boy on the ferry

This was definitely our most exciting and fun family trip.  The scenery was glorious, the fishing was fantastic and the culture and food was just as expected!  We all had a blast!  My Family, my younger brother and his family, my older brother and his family and his in-laws all went to stay with my parents and grandparents up in Alaska for a week of fun filled adventure!  I was reminded on this trip why I loved fly fishing as a teenager, it's so therapeutic and relaxing and BOY the adrenaline when you catch a fish is spectacular!  My husband had to pull me off the river one night because I was addicted, I kept saying "one more...just one more".  We saw totem poles, native dancers, WHALES (one swam right under the boat), bears (one walked out towards the river just 15 ft. from my husband and son...little scary), bald eagles, seals, otters and countless other wildlife, OH and the scenery was amazing!  It was a FANTASTIC trip!  P.S.  I out fished the boys on the river!  Oh yeah, the Bananafana girl was reelin' them in!!!  Can't wait to go again!

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Brookie said...

those are some huge fish, how fun! i want to go, my parents live in seattle now, maybe we could make a trip out there. my dad has talked several times about going on a fishing trip in alaska.
maybe u could teach me a thing or two about fishing cuz i am not a fisherman.