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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Camping Summer 2011

Yeah, Jeff forgot his real shoes, hah hah!  Love the ninja turtle toes!  Once again, nerdy! Love them!

Mesa Falls up by Yellowstone.  Stunning huh?!!

They love being nerdy together!  ALL the time!

That wind came up at just the right time!

Jane's like a little puppy, love it!

Don't worry, it's just dirt.
At the beginning of the summer I convinced Jeff that we needed a large tent for camping because our little 2 man tent we used before we had children just wasn't going to cut it if we were going to go camping this summer.  So we bought a tent.  A week later I told him we were going camping that coming weekend.  I got all the food prepped and organized what we needed and we went camping.  Laying there in the tent that night (freezing cold) Jeff whispered "I didn't think you'd actually want to go camping, I was a little surprised."  I said "Well I'm full of surprises, you of all people should know that by now."  He said "Well your surprises always surprise me!"  I wanted to do it for my family, I love seeing the kids excitement and their excitement makes me so happy!  I cooked some good grub, we had a skunk sneak up behind us just 15 feet away while we were sitting around the fire, we enjoyed the beauty of the earth, we told stories and gazed at stars, we ate to many smores and a garbage bag full of popcorn, and everyone slept like a baby (even Jane)!  We only made it out camping twice this summer, but here we are in October and the kids still talk about it, that's how you know it was a successful family experience!  I love spending time with my little family especially when we can get away from any of the daily distractions and just be together, no business, no work (well it's a lot of work for the parents to take everyone) nothing but focusing on the present and enjoying being together.  I enjoyed it, and I'm really looking forward to doing it again next summer, hopefully more than twice!  Anyone want to join us????

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Brookie said...

i want to go, i love going camping and being in beautiful surroundings. it seems like everyone always sleeps great, except me, cuz i am worried that one of kiddos is cold and i wake up every 5 minutes to make sure they haven't come uncovered...haha:) the joys of being a mommy.